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> I beat my friend's highscore and send him the screenshot of it to boast
> "oh shit okay gimme a couple of hours"
> he becomes the 5 in the world top

i am not playing for score ever again :nanopats2:

this cover I done is garabge but i released it anyway


and the anime from where this opening is from is generic as fck

if you want to see some more photos and videos here is google album where i put all the videos and photos I took photos.app.goo.gl/br16YyuVytxK

I was at the hatsune miku expo 2020 in berlin and it was epic

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9pm and I already want to sleep... But... Must... Celebrate... AND EAT

i am so hype for new year i will watch and re-watch and re-re-watch one of my favourite anime actually it shares the number one spot with spice and wolf so yeah

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Alright, time to sleepu, good night! The Saturday will be a very hard and busy day :rbrbr1: 💤
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very cute faces :3 owo or uwu or 0w0 i dont know but very cute

i watched yozakura quartet an anime with a really intresting world and likeable characters and the animation is to my liking if you havent seen it go see it. (it has a weird watch order so here is a chart)

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do you also love to sleep in on free days but hate that half of the day is already gone when you wake up

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