wtf @Horceye just told how he was cooking sweets from animes and then testing the results on his classmates. tfw no friends making anko on weekends ;;
@NaiJi @Horceye in early spring I was trying to do some japanese sweets: melonpan, dorayaki, dango, souffle pancakes. though I tested on my family instead of classmates. never did something with anko though (dorayaki had a custard filling), maybe I should pick it up again and test on you guys, considering gscon moscow seems to becoming a regular thing :^)
@rin @Horceye
now I wonder if all pleroma devs are actually able to produce THE anime food!! anyway, it's awesome
were you like "wtf anime food looks so good i need to copy that"? a fedifriend i was watching yuru camp with definitely wanted to write down all the recipes lol

@NaiJi @Horceye yup, kinda. I was reading some manga and seeing food I've never tasted made me curious, then I searched for places I could get it at, but well I live in moscow, so cooking myself ended up being the only way to try one. that's how I got into cooking in general actually
@rin @Horceye
I wonder if everything could turn the same way for me if I discovered animes with THE FOOD earlier than in high school huh!

Fristi on other branch of the thread said the ingredients for weeb food is kinda hard to find at his place, is it any different for us or you are just a very devoted and hardcore seeker? :ng_hifumi_peek:
@NaiJi @rin the hardest things to find are particular kinds of veggies and spices that aren't common on this side of the globe. The supermarkets in the region are also fairly small, so they usually don't have a section with these kinds of lesser known ingredients. And there aren't that many special shops that I know of that sell such ingredients. Heck, I'd have to make a big tour just to get my hands on kvass if I ever needed it.

Most baked stuff I could make, since dough mixes use pretty much the same ingredients everywhere, but outside of that field I might have issues.
@fristi @NaiJi for veggies that are not used in european cusine like lotus root or yam, we also don't have any in supermarkets. but I was able to source some frozen online

@rin @fristi @NaiJi

yeah yam is pretty hard to find in germany we have a lot of asia groceries store and maybe you find frozen ones in one of them but yeah yam is rare

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