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yeah yam is pretty hard to find in germany we have a lot of asia groceries store and maybe you find frozen ones in one of them but yeah yam is rare

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> I beat my friend's highscore and send him the screenshot of it to boast
> "oh shit okay gimme a couple of hours"
> he becomes the 5 in the world top

i am not playing for score ever again :nanopats2:

this cover I done is garabge but i released it anyway


and the anime from where this opening is from is generic as fck

@NaiJi uuh i heard of this one it supossed to be really good

if you want to see some more photos and videos here is google album where i put all the videos and photos I took photos.app.goo.gl/br16YyuVytxK

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9pm and I already want to sleep... But... Must... Celebrate... AND EAT

i am so hype for new year i will watch and re-watch and re-re-watch one of my favourite anime actually it shares the number one spot with spice and wolf so yeah

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Alright, time to sleepu, good night! The Saturday will be a very hard and busy day :rbrbr1: 💤
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