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"Well, not even last night's storm could wake you. I heard them say we've reached Morrowind, I'm sure they'll let us go."

"A Hortator is chosen by consensus. Everyone has to agree. A single 'no' is a veto. First a Great House has to choose a Hortator. Then that Hortator has to go persuade the other Great Houses to agree to name him Hortator of their houses, too. A very difficult system. No Great House wants to give the honor to a member of another Great House. But luckily, it's mostly honorary, and doesn't cost a House anything. So it might not be that bad, after all."

"Most visitors from the Empire make landfall at the port of Seyda Neen, where they are processed by the Imperial Census and Excise Commission agents of the Coastguard station."

"I'm telling you, it's making me worried. My neighbor was outside in the middle of the night last night, running around, talking nonsense, and in the morning, he doesn't remember a thing about it. Those scholars talk stuff about delusion diseases and such. What the hell does that mean? And why can't the priests cure it?"

"You should know how the Telvanni feel about killing. According to Telvanni custom, killing is justifiable on any practical grounds -- in particular, justifiable if you can get away with it, and it serves your purposes. Killing is neither sinful nor dishonorable. Telvanni abide by Imperial law only so far as it is enforced. No Imperial guards or Legion garrisons are found in most Telvanni settlements."

"A High Elf named Mossanon with a Dark Elven woman? I don't know anyone by that name. But I have seen a High Elf in the company of a local woman, Volmyni Dral. She has a pod over near Wolverine Hall."

"I've heard savants say that Dagoth Ur was the source of the bad dreams and madness. Now that Dagoth Ur is dead, there should be no more madness and bad dreams. If the savants are right."

"The kwama forager scouts the surface of the land and natural underground passages, searching for suitable locations for new colonies, and hunting for prey. Foragers are aggressive but not very dangerous."

"Kwama foragers and warriors won't attack us, since they're used to our smell. But they attack intruders. And you smell like an intruder. But don't worry. The queen squirts out foragers and warriors like seeds. If the foragers and warriors bother you, kill them, or run past, whichever is easier. But do us a favor, and don't kill the workers. They won't bother you, and we need them to keep the queen laying and the eggs ripening."

"Know the customs of Ashlander gifts; they are not offended by gifts of money, and take them as tokens of deference and respect."

"Vivec City is the largest settlement on Vvardenfell, and one of the largest cities in the East."

"The light armor styles, called 'militia' in the West and 'Ashlander' in the East, favors speed and agility."

"The Camonna Tong has grown powerful and ruthless since the Imperial occupation, and have great influence in the higher ranks of House Hlaalu."

"Lots of ruins here on Sheogorad. If you're an adventurer looking for loot, or trouble, it might be worthwhile exploring the island. Mzuleft is the big Dwemer ruin everyone knows about. But there are other places on the island, less famous, less often visited, that might be more interesting. And safer."

"The Dark Brotherhood do not advertise their services or their creed, but they are an outlawed secret society with an evil reputation, and are often associated with Daedra worship."

"The Fighters Guild can forgive your actions this one time only, Anon Anon. Personally, I'd like to kick your backside up around your ears, but there are some who think you might amount to something. You're back in."

"Ashlanders are nomadic barbarians, living in camps of small portable huts."

"Manse Andus is the publican of Andus Tradehouse, and Miles Gloriosus, famous questing swordsman and monster-slayer, is taking his lodgings there while he hunts the blight creatures plaguing the village. Tralas Rendas and Salen Ravel are the Tribunal priests at the Tower shrine. Alds Baro, the smith, is ranking Redoran at the Maar Gan Outpost."

"The Morag Tong is an assassins guild sanctioned by the Empire to provide three varieties of execution: public executions, private executions, and House Wars executions."

"In Morrowind, we don't like to hear about vampires. We know that, back West, the Mages Guild helps them hide. The Mages Guild is full of necromancers, and we don't like that one bit. If we see a vampire here in Morrowind, we put him on a stake and roast him. Well, truth be, we tell the Ordinators, let them take care of it. Private citizens have no business fighting vampires. They're too dangerous."

"Abolitionists fight slavery by helping slaves escape their masters in defiance of Imperial law."

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