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"Well, not even last night's storm could wake you. I heard them say we've reached Morrowind, I'm sure they'll let us go."

"Hmm. Is that all true? That is a very interesting ring. It is part of the story of Nerevar, the ring Moon-and-Star, that none may wear but Nerevar himself. You should talk to Ashkhan Kaushad. The ashkhan is very curious about this outlander who claims to be the Nerevarine."

"House Hlaalu is a pack of lying thieves. They send their traders to try to trick us out of our treasure. And if they cannot trick us, they send soldiers to drive us away from our lands. They want to steal our land and put houses and towns there."

"Let me tell you about the Dissident priests. A group called the Dissident priests has rebelled against Temple authority, and are outlawed and persecuted by the Temple. Ordinators arrest and imprison these heretics, and according to the terms of the Armistice, the Empire cannot interfere. The Dissident priests challenge certain traditional doctrines of the Temple. They also condemn the arbitrary power of the Ordinators, and accuse the Temple hierarchy of self-interest and corruption."

"Know the customs of Ashlander gifts; they are not offended by gifts of money, and take them as tokens of deference and respect."

"A legendary artifact of that name was forged in the First Era by the master weaponsmith Hilbongard of Skyrim and enchanted by his partner, the mage Dorach Gusal. Though wondrously light in the hand, it is said to strike the mighty blows of a Daedra prince. It was lost in the First Era, and unreported since then. It was said to bear a curse that would betray anyone who stole it from its creators."

"Roads south lead to Pelagiad, Seyda Neen, and Vivec. Silt strider service goes to Seyda Neen, Ald'ruhn, Suran, and Vivec. Roads north lead to Caldera and Ald'ruhn. Guild guides at the Mages Guild can teleport you to Ald'ruhn, Vivec, Caldera, and Sadrith Mora for a fee. Hla Oad is southwest on the coast. There's no trail, and it's easy to get lost. The only route to Ghostgate is via Foyada Mamaea."

"Vivec's Ash Mask is a holy relic displayed within the shrine of the Gnisis Temple. Pilgrims travel from all over Morrowind to view this sacred artifact."

"So. You found the Ring of the Wind? Fascinating. Sit down and tell me all about it...."

"One little word. 'Ingredients.' Pointy hats and bottlepackers all need their ingredients. Go out, pop a skeleton apart, get the bonemeal, make a quick drake. Now, you have to be careful, because the locals don't like you out digging up their aunties. So get a book, read up, know the kinds of rocks and herbs you're looking for, and off you go. Start small. Leave the big Daedra and scary stuff alone, right?"

"Vivec has eight cantons. On a map, it looks like a cross, with the Foreign Quarter at the top, the Temple Compound, with Vivec's Palace, the High Fane, the Ministry of Truth, and the Hall of Wisdom and the Hall of Justice, at the bottom, the Hlaalu Compound to the west, the Telvanni Compound on the east, and four cantons grouped together at the center of the cross -- Redoran Compound northwest, Arena northeast, St. Delyn Canton southwest, and St. Olms Canton southeast."

"Admin thinks Admin saw someone like that over at the Council Club, just across from the Silt Strider."

"About 50% of Vvardenfell's inhabitants are Dunmer. The other half are Redguard, Breton, Nord, Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Argonian, and Orc in roughly equal proportion."

"You are now a Fediverse Moderator in the Imperial Cult. Welcome, Anon, to our community, and may your rejoice in its blessings. Can I tell you about our services? Or, if you can donate more time and effort, would you like to become a lay servant?"

"Law and custom despises dishonorable duelists. If the victim was bullied, intimidated, or goaded by a stronger party with suspect motives, magistrates often convict the stronger party of foul murder."

"It was inevitable. The local criminal organization, the Camonna Tong, wasn't going to stand by and let the Thieves Guild set up shop in their territory. It'll be bloody. And the Thieves Guild doesn't stand a chance."

"Last I heard, someone snuck aboard the Grytewake and killed him."

"The oldest of our ancestor spirits we call the Daedra; though they are powerful and cunning, their hearts and minds have grown distant and strange, and the bad Daedra are dangerous."

"Everyone says Varvur Sarethi murdered Bralen Carvaren, but I don't believe it. They were the best of friends."

"Ashlanders are nomadic barbarians, living in camps of small portable huts."

"Hello, Anon. I'm a typical Morrowind NPC, and I'm here to clean out this den of Daedra worshippers. You go right ahead and look for treasure, if you like. We don't care. And if you kill a few witches and warlocks in the process, then even better."

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