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"Well, not even last night's storm could wake you. I heard them say we've reached Morrowind, I'm sure they'll let us go."

"The Dunmer regard Nords as dangerous savages with a thin veneer of civilization. The Dunmer say everything civilized about the Nords is borrowed from the Dunmer. Nord greed, violence, primitive religion, and sordid history are artifacts of their savage clan culture."

"The two criminal guilds here are the Camonna Tong, the native criminal syndicate, and the Thieves Guild, the Imperial newcomers. The Thieves Guild is fighting for its life against the ruthless and well-established Camonna Tong."

"By House Hlaalu custom, killing is fair in war, self-defense, defense of property, affairs of honor, and House Wars affairs. Other killings are foul murder and punishable by fines or hard labor, or by writ of assassination."

"The Nerevarine is a heretic, according to the Temple, and so are all those who support the Nerevarine. But House Hlaalu policy is to avoid extremist religious views. We follow the Imperial practice of religious toleration for various cults and beliefs, so long as they do not challenge law or public order."

"Ancestor worship is the religion of the Ashlanders. The Tribunal Temple still practices ancestor worship, but only as a minor part of their faith."

"Look for Mages Guild halls in Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Caldera, Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora, and the Foreign Quarter in Vivec."

"Weapons are less effective as they wear out. Eventually they break, and are useless until you repair them. A worn weapon does only part of the damage it should do. Learn to repair your weapons, or pay a smith to do it."

"I heard that Dagoth Ur caused the bad dreams. But you have killed Dagoth Ur, so the dreams should go away. Yes?"

"In the center of the village, try the merchants outside the Temple, or see Mehra Drora at the Temple for Temple services. Get Imperial Legions and Imperial cult services at Fort Darius east of the village. Madach is the publican at Madach's Tradehouse here in the village."

"You said he left town. There's no reason for me to stick around here."

"Red Mountain is the great mountain of fire in the center of Vvardenfell. The outer slopes are steep and rugged, and the crater is deep and filled with burning rock. Beasts and servants of the Devil Dagoth Ur live on Red Mountain. The settled people built a magical barrier called Ghostfence to keep the evils inside. Within the Ghostfence, rain never falls and the sun never shines; the only weather is the red and deadly ash-blight."

"Morvayn Manor was overrun by corprus monsters. I thought they couldn't get out of the Ghostfence."

"Dwemer ruins all over the place up here on the island. Folks come hunting Dwemer artifacts, never mind the Emperor's laws. None of my business."

"Blunt weapons include the club, staff, mace, morningstar, and warhammer."

"You should know how the Telvanni feel about killing. According to Telvanni custom, killing is justifiable on any practical grounds -- in particular, justifiable if you can get away with it, and it serves your purposes. Killing is neither sinful nor dishonorable. Telvanni abide by Imperial law only so far as it is enforced. No Imperial guards or Legion garrisons are found in most Telvanni settlements."

"The Dunmer Great Houses long ago adopted certain customs and rules to avoid open warfare. House Wars are supervised by the Temple, and private feuds and writs of assassination are contracted through the Morag Tong."

"If you want to know about a place on Vvardenfell, talk to a scout. And the scout I'd talk to is Elone. You can find her at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen. She's traveled all over the island."

"Anarenen at the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages is happy to talk your ear off about alchemy. He's been on Vvardenfell a while, and knows everything there is to know about practicing the profession here."

"Most of the native Argonian population of Black Marsh is confined to the great inland waterways and impenetrable swamps of the southern interior. There are few roads here, and most travel is by boat. The coasts and the northwestern upland forests are largely uninhabited. For ages the Dunmer have raided Black Marsh for slaves; though the Empire has made this illegal, the practice persists, and Dunmer and Argonians have a long-standing and bitter hatred for one another."

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