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Welp I suppose from now this account is alt. My main posting is now on so if you want to keep following me and stuff please follow !

indexing 11 gb db of fedi stuff sure is taking ages....

Database indexing process is taking more than 2 hours already :cirnoForReals: ... And also 98% of CPU load

udongein locals who missed warnings and all that: right now I am migrating from digitial ocean to hetzner, so please don't worry :cirnoSmile:

Да кто этот ваш

src/libmagic_port.c:52:10: fatal error: magic.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Makefile:16: recipe for target 'priv/libmagic_port' failed
make: *** [priv/libmagic_port]
could not compile dependency :majic, "mix compile" failed.

IA M SORRY! It seems I used an obsolete endpoint and it crashed the instance wtf

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer . . . ""

{"errors":{"detail":"Internal server error"}}

trying to revive it

it's been ages since i played this last time. can you believe they still release damn new whole sets for it. MTG is heresy!


ща бы вспомнить как я её починил вообще полгода назад

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Жиза, нахер, точно та же ошибка щас ОПЯТЬ

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Да кто этот ваш (Mix) Could not compile dependency :certifi нахер

Alright, I need to rm rf build and deps folders before each pleroma update. I definitely messed up everything

Alright it seems now it works please please please please finish migration and dont explode please :sad_mokou:

Да кто этот ваш (Mix) Could not compile dependency :certifi нахер

sorry, updating pleroma takes much longer than I thought. Rn I am fighting the ecto migration errors, I hope it will be fine

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