If you're still playing any Activision \ Blizzard games I think it's a good time to drop them. I don't care how much you love overwatch or how "diverse" and "important" it is to you, you are literally supporting someone who supports complete opposite to what you stand for.

@NaiJi @Deiru i'd play destiny 2 if they wouldn't ban every linux user who attempts to run their game with steam proton

@cdmnky @NaiJi That's shitty but a bit understandable, but also very shitty and they need to stop.

@Deiru @cdmnky oh holy shit, I didn't even know about it! now my previous statement seems a bit inappropriate too

@NaiJi @Deiru apparently they think wine is an emulator and ban all emulators because it breaks their super invasive anti-cheat system which constantly phones home with your system hardware info and background processes iirc

@cdmnky @NaiJi
NO. Destiny is likely using 3rd party anti-cheat solution that detects modified libraries, and I think the trigger in that situation is DXVK, that have also caused issues for warframe, to the point were DE stated that they can't really do anything about it and advised people not to use DXVK.

@cdmnky @NaiJi The problem can be solved by whitelisting needed stuff, which afaik what blizzard did when they started wave of DXVK bans.

@cdmnky @NaiJi It's a shitty complication, but now it's no longer "just" Bungie's problem, it's a problem of a bigger industry as a whole refusing to acknowledge existence of extra platforms that they have to support, opting for the tried and true bullshit of "W-w-whel it says it need Windaus!!!!!"

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