i just realized that after the card meetup yesterday I forgot to take off all the game setup, so... I accidentally brought everything to the office today. Eek

@Koishi @fluffy oh wait I forgot it's other instance...

@inexcode can I install akko emoji pack?

@inexcode @Koishi @fluffy i have no idea how your mastodon thing works from BE, so I will copy them one by one through the UI panel if you allow

@NaiJi @Koishi @fluffy uuh it's easy.
tootctl emoji import --category="wow" archive.tar.gz

Wait, can't it be zip? is there a... alright never mind I will DM you on when I am on computer :cirno_doubt:
@Koishi @fluffy

> mfw I litterally gone for an entire week in office with my hoodie with Tenshi eating a corndog


@duponin lol, my wallpapers on the work computer are touhou arts. And my in-company profile picture is the yellow cat from Azumanga. So...

@NaiJi oh well, it was the t-shirt
I yet did embroidery ^^'
@NaiJi Hehehehehe~ Well I'm sure that you'll have a lovely evening :headpat:
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