Alright it seems now it works please please please please finish migration and dont explode please :sad_mokou:

@NaiJi @solidsanek what did happen though, I had no issues with the 2.0.7 update :akko_badday:
@fristi @NaiJi I got tons of dependencies error despite updating them first. It was weird
@fristi @solidsanek I couldn't compile several deps. But then I fixed that problem a wrong way. Twice. Then it took me 2 attempts to fix everything after me fixing it wrong. But check the nearest thread. It's on Russian but observer faced the same problem: syslog wasn't able to compile. I just nuked _build/ and deps/ folders and recompiled EVERYTHING from zero.
@fristi btw, @solidsanek it fixed my emoji problem you tried to help me with a week ago :aqua_happy:
@NaiJi @fristi Oh good! I don't know what happened for it to be fixed but at least it works now!
@NaiJi @solidsanek actually I did have that problem myself after the dist upgrade I did, I also had to nuke everything and do it from scratch to get pleroma to build.

@fristi @solidsanek I am just happy now it's okay and I didn't have to restore things from backups :senko_smile:
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