Database indexing process is taking more than 2 hours already :cirnoForReals: ... And also 98% of CPU load

@NaiJi It may take time but it's going well I see!

Now I know what to expect when I migrate to a better VPS :cirno_for_reals:

@solidsanek it would have gone better but something was wrong on every step, starting with nginx configuration and certbot pain and ending with rsync'ing my database backups

@NaiJi @solidsanek you can do many things to ensure everything is ok to speed up migration process (if you don't know, just ask for it)

Unless you already designed it in a specific way, to migrate won't be instantaneous (it can be but I don't think average admins do that (S3 + DB on separated server + load balancer))

@NaiJi @solidsanek I think it's caused by major difference of PostgreSQL versions. Indexing 11 gigs of fedi posts from scratch is not an easy task, huh.

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