indexing 11 gb db of fedi stuff sure is taking ages....

@solidsanek it would have gone better but something was wrong on every step, starting with nginx configuration and certbot pain and ending with rsync'ing my database backups

Database indexing process is taking more than 2 hours already :cirnoForReals: ... And also 98% of CPU load

udongein locals who missed warnings and all that: right now I am migrating from digitial ocean to hetzner, so please don't worry :cirnoSmile:

@inexcode пора научиться читать лог обновлений

Да кто этот ваш

src/libmagic_port.c:52:10: fatal error: magic.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Makefile:16: recipe for target 'priv/libmagic_port' failed
make: *** [priv/libmagic_port]
could not compile dependency :majic, "mix compile" failed.

IA M SORRY! It seems I used an obsolete endpoint and it crashed the instance wtf

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer . . . ""

{"errors":{"detail":"Internal server error"}}

trying to revive it

it's been ages since i played this last time. can you believe they still release damn new whole sets for it. MTG is heresy!

@drq @inexcode да просто по инструкции обновляться надо, а не как я "ну вот щас она скомпилится, зашибись"

@inexcode да ток у меня такие приклбчения похоже

@inexcode да пока ещё тыкаю. если совсем всё сгорит, буду уже тебя пинговать... Спасибо!

> people who compile from source and are suffering right now :cry_cirno:


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