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okay, moving postgre folder to a mounted volume and then simlinking it to its original destination was a terrible idea, I will try to recover everything asap

i just realized that after the card meetup yesterday I forgot to take off all the game setup, so... I accidentally brought everything to the office today. Eek

Hey everyone!

There is a situation about one of the most influenced russian masodon admin instance, @drq

He almost lost his job. As I understood у WILL lose his job this wednesday.

It's a sad reality.

Maybe (just maybe) if you have any wish to support russian mastodon segment (its a very small one, just a couple of public nodes, and is the biggest one) - you can patron him by using links in this post -

He will be really glad if that will happen. At least until he will find his next job place.

Sorry for such an adverce, but I only with to help him. Everyone of you had lost your job once. Try to imagine what shit he will see before he will stand on his feet again.



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well it's complaining about my whois information, but at the same time it doesn't let me change it. Created a support ticket, so we will see... Eh...

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:gyate_aya: :gyate_clownpiece: :gyate_reimu: :gyate_reisen_love:
ALRIGHT! The first gyate emojis "release" works fine, if you want to try it, run

mix pleroma.emoji get-packs gyate_th -m

according to:

There is not really much but i am going to update it, of course

Drew Patchy. Don't like how I drew her ;~;
Also there are strange glitches in gif while exporting (because of layers, I think), so I just captured the screen.
Again not the `real` size.

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