Today I learned how to draw electric circuits and create decent tables in LaTeX, yaaay

oh no, I have to use american inductor, not the cute one.

and that's weird as I'm in europe.

but european inductor in not cute

not cute at all.

yea yea Inex shitposting about electric circuits drawn with CircuiTikZ, drunk from energy drink, who could expect this.

Russian nomenclature is like taking the best and the most readable parts from nomenclatures all over the world, creating the best documentation systems <3


goodbye docker container

you did your latex rendering job very well

Now I kinda should sleep but energy drink doesn't let me to yet.

Also I'm kinda complaining recently that I need more RAM but I literally have 4 open workspaces with dedicated docker container each.

And LanguageTool server which is java eating 2 gigs of ram.

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@inexcode I should build my diploma memory with docker and Gitlab-CI, thanks for the reminder
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