Дежурное напоминание о том, что нужно принимать витамин D чтобы снизить риски осложнений и укрепить иммунную систему.

@inexcode Либо бывать почаще на солнце. Достаточно подставлять морду и руки.

@Revertron @inexcode
С моим родственниками теория не подтвердилась. У всех дефицит.

Принимаю круглогодично D и B12. Работает, иммунитет железный. Конечно, здоровый образ жизни тоже не помешает.

@PawelK excuse me?
We understand Polish.
And my post was a reminder to take vitamin D to harden your immune system. Your profanity is totally unrelated.

@inexcode which is totally unrelevant. You might be taking garlic too also strengthens immune system albeit when exposed to covid wont help you much as some tried to assert.

@PawelK the talk was not about avoiding COVID (although I've been exposed to it rather drastically and didn't get sick, confirmed by lab), but about making it at least somewhat easier for you if you get sick.

And it's also important to support your immune system when you get vaccine, like I today did.

@AFKwarden @inexcode kewl ale wkurwiaj mni glupcy mowiacy ze witd ochroni przed covidem.

@PawelK @AFKwarden ooonce again, I didn't say it would protect you from COVID. These was no COVID reference in OP.
Protecting from it is a complex thing which includes self-isolation, social distancing, masks, hand washing, all the other things, you know.
And nothing will give you protection guarantee, even vaccine. It's all about desperate attempts at lowering your chances of getting dead or heavily sick.

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