never ever send rar archives to me

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@deadheat zip is always morally correct and ultimately universal

but tar is fine too

@inexcode >zip is always morally correct and ultimately universal

I didn't know that! I will only use zip from now on.

@deadheat just make sure you don't mess up filename encodings.

If you have some special characters in filenames consider using something more concrete on encoding.

@deadheat @inexcode no, 1) zip is:

Copyright (c) 1989 - 2014, 2018, 2019, 2020 PKWARE Inc., All Rights Reserved.

2) not to be confused with gzip, which is free as in GNU free

3) beware of
@inexcode ok sending a zip with a rar inside it inside a tarball

@inexcode да ладно, даже 7zip их спокойно читает же.

в zip  есть недостаток - там не прописывается кодировка имён файлов.
В русской винде -  по умолчанию это windows-1251.
В Linux - UTF-8
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