I am spending this quarantine holidays in the middle of russian nowhere with Dart and old classic white VAZ. Since the end of Feb it is the first time I am somewhere off home.

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Quarantine update:
* Configured local DNS server
* Ordered VPS-server (pending approval...) and started playing with IPsec
* Started playing with Dart & Flutter (so goddamn good!)
* Compiled cookies from source with dried berries and candied fruits.

$1 VPS-provider suspected that I am a fraud. I do something wrong entire my life...

Looks like I have skipped a local kreblebot-apocalypse here... Good for me.

YouTube channel "CARinfo3D" is better than my dad (that I never had).

If I not be in Minsk in the next couple of hours then you know where to look

en: A drunk dog

Zhukovsky in the middle of nowhere. Even for airport standarts.

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