Looks like I have skipped a local kreblebot-apocalypse here... Good for me.

YouTube channel "CARinfo3D" is better than my dad (that I never had).

If I not be in Minsk in the next couple of hours then you know where to look

en: A drunk dog

Zhukovsky in the middle of nowhere. Even for airport standarts.

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If you're traveling to a different country that's not covered by your mobile data plan, check out the fantastic "Prepaid Data SIM Wiki". It covers pay-as-you-go options for a wide range of countries and gets constantly updated:


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@lisp3r когда ты киборг-инфобезопасник, и тебе самому приходится писать софт для работы со своими имплантами

I wanted to write a small password store app which could work with NFC for decrypt a store. Something like decrypt by recognizing tag with registered UID or reading a password from it.
Unfortunately this behaviour can't be reproduced by standard Android features, existing apps, NFC Tools, Tasker, ... so coding it myself is the only one option.

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The first glance and it's looks like Dart is my new programming love.

"Some time ago there was only HTTP and no any traffic encryption... Really I don't know why we are still alive at all."

Why pics with the pink-haired rabbit-girl in my feed marked as "sensitive content"?

I am trying come back to internet every day but life is so fast and complex now that I just do not have time to live at least.

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"why don't you have a webcam cover"

Cause honestly if you hack into my laptop and create some obscure exploit which disables the webcam led you deserve to see my face doing nothing interesting

In my name only 5 characters. Pacific colleague made three spelling mistakes in it.

I named my hollow protagonist like admin faceless account from work. Watch labbbdecr is pumping his dexterity to fight with Uchigatana is the only one thing that makes me happy now.

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First work day in 2020. We have found inode thief!

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