У меня в Москве нет родственников или очень близких друзей, поэтому, когда нам отключили горячую воду, поехал принимать душ в ГУМ.

Проснулся с чувством подыхания
Крутил себе нервы на работе
Читал Танненбаума
Три часа ночи: весь в кровище, обрабатываю бухому мужику рану на лбу от удара бутылкой на Китай-городе.

I am ready to die now
*searching for most fitable exhausted sticker in built-in pony-anime stickerpack*

Work life balance it is like you should not crunch at work to achieve time to study to getting better at work and have a healthy sleep sleep i mean 3 hours or 4.

How the day started - how the day going (and hackers meetup between this both)

And the next day was a bus, another bus, train, three hours of sleep on a station's hostel, then another train and flight. I love New Year's trips. They are magical. Even if you went to the journey in January.
So, now I in the most western point of Russia, sitting by a fireplace and configuring VPN on a new VPS.

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I wanna to highlight one thing I have done in the last day of 2020. I took some crackers, sat on the bus and made most mature act of the whole past year. I went home to New Year. To my mother, who was left alone after grandma's death.
There was a nice and little boring New Year with salads, cake, Netflix's Klaus and fireworks. It was expected and it was good.

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I have done many tasks like this in this year. Bigger ones, smaller ones too. Had graduated and found a great job. Found love and support in bad times and. Found strength to change.
And, of course, moved to Mastodon to have an opportunity to keep reading @inexcode )

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I have finished with self-hosted password storage yesterday. VPS in Amsterdam, domain, certs and Bitwarden at the top of all it. It was boring but important task ant I decided to spent last 2020's days for it.

In first two chapters I found many good examples of using "shall" and "ought". I am really love digging in grammar and words meaning.

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I have never ever read TLOTR before, except that pitiful try in my childhood when I found old stripped down edition of The Fellowship of The Ring and was defeated by Concerning Hobbits. Now I am trying to do so on English. So far things are going depressingly slowly, but the process of reading much more tricky and therefore more satisfying.

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Oh, poor little Frodo still deny to call the Ring with a capital letter!..

(Chapter 2, I am still reading it)

Just have used the badusb device to "Press any key fo boot from CD or DVD..." during Windows installation. Not such a baptism of fire I expected for my lil danger usb drive.

You have created two characters. Which one is more hateful for readers:
1) a worldwide natural evil representing satan from christian mythology
2) impudent annoying relative which every one have (yes, Sackville-Bagginses, that's about you)

Play on PS4?
digging in PS4 for developers wiki for compatible Bluetooth audio device specification and trying figuring out how to connect my Buds to it?

I am kinda proud of myself, had rushed to the store for PS4 a few hours before Cyberpunk 2077 came out. Just because I wanted to play it on the release. Just because the emotions, especially at the end of this hard year, are more important then money or something.
Happy gaming, me!

I am waiting for interview in some generic business center somewhere inside The Third Ring.
The job has to beat it all.

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