I am looking for job with remote/relocation. The worst thing is that with my current experience and English I probably will not find the job I really want to.
I want do quite specific things in my future career. I want to do security research like reverse of network protocols or IoT stuff, or do web audit of something that is not AD. Or I want to work on mesh technologies, IoT, sensor networks.
I was on my way to that shiny future here, in Russia. But it's not possible for me anymore.

This letter was headed "Shipping going". Not "There is no shipping anymore"

Ooo, the guy showed up! But he just told that bought SIM-card on a homeless guy passport, complained on some bank's bugbounty and then disappeared again.

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I feel like if I stop reading LoRa docs or watching Yuru Camp, I'll die right there.

I will reach my twenty fucking five soon and now I start to understand slice of life genre. Feel like my nervous system can't manage any dark and heavy story and my heart want to see how cute Japanese schoolgirls drink tea and go camps.

The guy asks is there are lawyers that works on hackers cases.
The guy has noticed the car stalking him. "European numbers", said he. "Now it is parked below my windows".
It would be fun to rescue him on my motorcycle or something but there is too cold outside. I advised to observe.
The guy find the solutions himself.
"I am going to break into the car and still surveillance equipment if the had some", he said.
Some people don't wait a good weather for movie-like gestures.

I have thought about LoRa transmitters a couple weeks ago. Today's it costs a double price on Aliexpress.

Мой СЕО уже 5 месяцев ждет слушания по его делу о госизмене. Пытаясь помогать другу из Львова я с теплотой думаю о том, что на шажок становлюсь ближе к нему))0)

total numb. i dont fucking understand what's happening now. a friend of mine in Lviv is hiding from gunfire and helping ukrainian people migrate to Poland while my country tries to kill him.
and while my country is doing that, fucking china tries to start fucking ww3

Reading about uefi and it's security issues for the first time:

Wow it's cool! I can sign binaries and harden my boot chain! Looks like everybody should do that! Looks like it will make my data REALLY safe!
haha i am a paranoid more then ever before. safety is lie. fuck stupid firmwares. get the fuck out of my tiny lil nvram!!1

Если долго реверсить джавовый код можно обноружить себя, комитящим в продукты Апача. Что? Зачем? Почему?

Еще не дореверсил их принтер, но уже частично получил рута в их инфре хехе

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When it is not the time for Mozart, it is the time for Slaughter to Prevail.
...And then for Mozart again.

> It is clear that Ikea has strived to keep many of their products rack compatible since so many of them are capable of housing 19" equipment


Ok, I've got a few more.

3. DAMN COLD. I never have been so cold... By the way, thermal underwear and foot warmers works like cheat code to warmness. You SHOULD buy them even if you spend winters in Moscow (for example). For the north it's is the only one opportunity to do not die on cold.
4. Snowboarding is cool

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New Year's holidays in 3 takes (and 1 pic):

0. You can get sick of IT, your notebook, your books. I thought it's impossible but now even IT memes irritates me.
1. You can just sleep on New Year' Eve if you have WANTED IT ALL FUCKIN YEAR.
2. If you can't go on a trip due to the New Year's rush, just go to the north of your country. If you think you have seen north just go farther north (I'm beyond the Arctic Circle now).

Зацените эту пустую Москву о.о

@lisp3r би лайк:

Время заодно заценить твой EP таки

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